Quality and enviroment

Principles of quality 

  • A customer-oriented operating model so that our products and services meet the requirements agreed together with our customers.
  • Continuous improvement of our process. We achieve this goal by eliminating the root causes of the errors we detect .
  • Conditions for achieving faultless quality of work and operations. The management informs the personnel about development-related plans and changes.
  • From design to manufacturing, we take the quality criteria defined by the customer as part of our own work steps.
  • With serial numbering, we can track the product and related documentation .
  • The goal of our production is to operate in the best possible way in terms of overall economy. This brings an advantage to both our customers and Säkylän Aaltek .

Environmental values

The company undertakes to respect all the requirements and obligations of the authorities and stakeholders that arise from our operations. We implement the effective management of environmental issues by committing to follow the general principle of sustainable development in our operations.

MirTer Oy also has its own goals related to environmental protection. Our goal is a competitive advantage through the management of environmental issues everywhere.

The environmental effects of current processes are known based on analyses and are monitored reliably. Our operating idea is to find out the environmental effects of new products and service processes already in their planning phase.

We maintain the principles and goals of our operations through open communication and discussions with internal and external stakeholders.

When purchasing materials and using them, we take into account procedures that save natural resources and their environmental impact.

Personnel is trained so that everyone knows how to promote environmentally sound practices.

ISO 9001:2015 ja ISO 14001:2015