Special luminaires and electrical cabinets

We meet the technical requirements of the maritime industry.

MirTer Oy manufactures lighting and power centers meeting the technical requirements of the shipping industry.

We make lighting fixtures and switchboards from design to implementation. We implement electrical centers for ships, agricultural industry, industrial properties as well as residential properties.

In our 5000 m2 production facilities, you can find e.g. CNC sheet machining center, press brakes and own powder coating line. With these, we ensure flexible production, both for small and large batches.

In large production batches, we are able to utilize the expertise of our parent company, Säkylän Aaltek Oy, as well as special expertise in wiring harness manufacturing.

we source the materials from both domestic and international manufacturers and retailers. This ensures high quality at the right price.

We provide:

  • Operation supported by an ERP system. With this, we can follow all stages of the products from order to delivery in real time
  • We do product design for our customers using modern 3D-CAD programs, such as Vertex G4 and PTC Creo.
  • Skilled staff with valuable experience

  • Modern production facility .
  • Extensive experience with the needs and requirements of the maritime industry .
  • Design and production communicate with each other constantly and openly, ensuring that the requirements defined by the customer are up to date.
  • Our production is suitable for one-off and serial production, and we store spare parts if necessary.